Our Mission and Vision


Here at DoctorRaman.com, we are dedicated to the creation of transformative experiences for a better health within our online community by providing comprehensive and integrated lifestyle and health recommendations based upon Doctor Raman’s extensive medical background and his passion for health and wellness.

Doctor Raman will be translating the latest and most significant published scientific articles from the world’s medical community into a simplified format and language so that you can better understand each article, and how it specifically pertains to your individual health.

Our marketing tagline is “Health Made Simple”, and it is our mission to share meaningful and focused scientific medical news to our worldwide audience.


Despite Doctor Raman’s extensive formal medical education, residency training and academic research in both Sweden and the United States, including institutions such as Harvard University, he affirms and recognizes that making the complex and confusing medical process understandable for everyone is of paramount importance to reaching a successful treatment and outcome.

And with so many health-related resources available online, oftentimes information is conflicting and even worse … misleading.  Many people simply do not know what to believe any more, and they are often forced to seek additional guidance and opinion, which results in even further confusion and frustration.

As there are literally thousands of scientific articles being published daily from around the world’s medical community, we believe that it is our obligation and opportunity to inform our audience regarding these latest developments in research.

Our mission is to provide accurate, uncut, and relevant scientific news in a simple, quick and concise format to our readers.


DoctorRaman.com delivers authoritative and paradigm-shifting news articles to our audience in a passionate, practical and purposeful non-scientific language. With topics ranging from antioxidants to probiotics, and from aerobic fitness to mental focus, DoctorRaman.com provides the necessary information our audience needs to live a more informed, inspired and healthier life!

These concise articles will provide our audience relevant and practical insight on the latest scientific news, with each being summarized in less than 200 words to accommodate our hectic lifestyles and ever-shortening attention spans.

Additionally, we will also be interspersing our proprietary news articles with other informative health news from other reputable sources in the health and wellness industry.


Further down the road, we will also be publishing original health videos based upon themed health topics – featuring Doctor Raman – with his personal and professional guidance on how to optimize your health and well being.

We have a lot in store for you, so thanks in advance for your support and enthusiasm. Together we’ll make this world a healthier place … with “Health Made Simple”.