What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

By |July 27th, 2016|

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the result of many years of research of how the human mind works.  CBT works by changing people’s attitudes and their behavior by focusing on the thoughts, images, beliefs and attitudes that are […]

  • alzheimer's

Could a vaccine prevent Alzheimer’s in the future?

By |July 21st, 2016|

Could a vaccine to prevent Alzheimer’s be on the horizon?  According to this article in Medical News Today, the potential is definitely real and it’s currently showing promise in pre-clinical trials.  If successful in the early testing, the […]

  • social

How important is social health?

By |July 19th, 2016|

Social health is very important and influences physical and mental health.

Studies show that social beings have a greater longevity compared to the people that aren’t social but isolated.  Isolation in length may cause diseases, illnesses and damages to your […]

  • breathing

Can you improve your health by breathing differently?

By |July 11th, 2016|

Are you breathing correctly?
People often breath in the chest and too shallow and that’s why the breaths can seemed as incomplete.

Normally, we don’t think about out breathing because it’s an automatic process.  However, by being conscious of your breathing, […]

  • parkinson's

Stem cell transplants promote recovery in model of Parkinson’s Disease

By |June 23rd, 2016|

My name is Bert, a good friend of Dr. Raman’s, and my father has mid-term Parkinson’s Disease.

Basically he’s wasting away.  And although the progression of his disease is fairly slow, when I see him on a day-to-day basis, I […]

  • water

Fun facts about the importance of water in our daily lives

By |June 6th, 2016|

As we all know, water is a fundamental part for the existence of life.

Without water, you cannot survive after only a few days. But water goes way beyond pleasing our thirst. Modern science has shown that water also acts as […]

  • olive oil

8 significant benefits of consuming olive oil regularly

By |May 26th, 2016|

Olive oil is how we refer to the oil obtained from the fruit of olive trees.  People have been eating olive oil for thousands of years and it is now more popular than ever, thanks to its many proven […]

  • sugar

5 reasons sugar is a direct cause of cancer

By |April 8th, 2016|

Cancer is a terrible and alarming epidemic.  One of two males will contract cancer in their lifetimes; one out of three women as well.  Yet despite the “efforts” of the American Cancer Society (ACS), National Cancer Institute (NCI) […]

  • multiple sclerosis

What Vitamin D can effect in Multiple Sclerosis

By |March 29th, 2016|

People with the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Low level of vitamin D is related to development of MS disease. MS patients with low level of vitamin D are prone to more disability and a […]

  • chronic stress

Chronic stress leads to brain inflammation and memory loss

By |March 3rd, 2016|

Long-term stress can have lots of effects on the body – it can cause chronic muscle tension, heart problems, and fertility issues in both men and women.

Now researchers have performed a new study in mice that they believe reveals another effect of […]