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Study shows CoQ10 shown to protect against acute heart attack complications

By |August 12th, 2016|


CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is a natural antioxidant synthesized by the body, found in many foods, and is available as a supplement.  It comes in two forms: ubiquinol, the active antioxidant form, and ubiquinone, the oxidized form, which the […]

Yoga’s benefits for health and wellness

By |August 10th, 2016|

A review published in the journal “Aging & Mental Health” showed that yoga is very beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Researchers scrutinized 15 studies—12 of them randomized controlled trials (high quality studies) —from the past two decades that […]

5 potential health benefits of eating Okra

By |August 1st, 2016|

What is Okra?  I personally have never heard of it prior to trying them fried to a crisp with a light batter like zucchini … but Okra is a warm-season vegetable popular in the southern United States, parts […]

  • kiwi fruit

10 excellent health benefits of the delectable Kiwi fruit

By |July 29th, 2016|

Ay Kiwi!  Sounds like a person from down under eh?  Well, the other Kiwi is a delectable fruit which is now widely available throughout the U.S. and many parts of the world.  And since it’s the middle of […]

  • kefir

What is Kefir?

By |July 25th, 2016|

What is Kefir?  Pronounced “key-fur”, as in Kiefer Sutherland, son of dramatic actor Donald Sutherland.  Lest I digress again … we’re talking about the ultimate probiotic, Keyfur … errr … Kefir!

As I understand, many people are unfamiliar with Kefir. […]

  • breathing

Can you improve your health by breathing differently?

By |July 11th, 2016|

Are you breathing correctly?
People often breath in the chest and too shallow and that’s why the breaths can seemed as incomplete.

Normally, we don’t think about out breathing because it’s an automatic process.  However, by being conscious of your breathing, […]

  • vitamin a

5 important benefits of getting enough vitamin A in your daily diet

By |July 7th, 2016|

Vitamin A is a compound that the body can produce only if there’s carotene.  Carotene is a compound that can be found in food.

There are severeal kinds carotenoids.  Retinol from vegetables is considered the most optimal configuration of […]

  • meditation

The amazing benefits of meditation

By |July 6th, 2016|

Meditation has numerous health benefits.  It helps the mind to focus only on chosen aspects like sounds, the body or the breathing.  By doing this, the consciousness have a chance to be still and in harmony.  In normal […]

  • quinoa

10 incredible and healthful benefits of Quinoa

By |June 29th, 2016|

What is all the hype and hysteria about a grain that is so difficult to pronounce?  When I first came across Quinoa (KEEN-wah), I, like probably many others, thought it was supposed to be pronounced “kee•noah”.  Little did […]

  • coq10

7 important health benefits of CoQ10

By |June 28th, 2016|

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a substance similar to a vitamin.  It is found in every cell of the body, and in fact, your body actually produces CoQ10 – and your cells use it to produce energy your body […]