Are you breathing correctly?

People often breath in the chest and too shallow and that’s why the breaths can seemed as incomplete.

Normally, we don’t think about out breathing because it’s an automatic process.  However, by being conscious of your breathing, you can actually remarkably improve your health and even reduce the risks of getting certain diseases.  Things that may improve with correct breathing are skin, hair, immune system, metabolism (digesting capability), blood circulation, energy consumption, and removing some of the bad toxins (waste products) that accumulates through the food we eat.

Breathing right also massages the organs in the body and creates a harmonic link (say a deep bond) between the body and the mind.  Finally, breathing in the right way makes you to relax.  You can actually relax whenever you want by just breathing correctly.

People who live at high altitudes above the sea level breath less oxygen than people at sea level.  Some studies show that they live longer.  This may indicate that oxygen could cause damage to us in the long term.  By breathing right you can reduce the oxygen damage to yourself.

So HOW do you breathe correctly?

Well, to begin with you can first observe how you normally breath without changing it.  Lay down on your back comfortably, on the floor, with your legs slightly bent.  Then, place a hand on the diaphragm and one on the chest.  Now observe how you breath and count the breaths you take during a minute while simultaneously watching the quality of your breaths.  An optimal breathing rate is ten to fifteen breaths per minute.  In general it’s important that the breaths are not interrupted but fulfilled entirely.  An optimal breathing involves taking long breaths, beginning with the raise of the diaphragm and then the chest. here are several kinds of different methods in doing so with a varied breathing durations depending on the state of mood you are in.