Phosphorus is a mineral and a nutrient as well.  The health benefits of phosphorous make it an important constituent of any diet.  Phosphorus is an important constituent of human bones, meaning that it would be impossible to one function normally without an adequate amount of this mineral in the body.  A lot of our nutrition have phosphorous in it which makes lack of this mineral among people rare.

Studies show that some the populations have excess of phosophurus when it’s measured in RDI (Recommended Daily Intake).  There are some risks being involved in this.  Among those are the acid/base balance in the body – which shifts to the acid side, calcification of the tissues while simultaneously calcium becomes scarce.  This could sometimes leads to osteoporosis.

To avoid this problem in the first place, it is good to know that consuming much of some specific foods are associated with a greater risk of having too much phosophurus in your body.  Examples of these are: sodas, fast food, juice, meat, bakery products and more.