Zinc, which is a mineral and a nutrient, has serveral important functions in the body.

  1. Zinc boosts the immune system, enables vitamin A to be processed, which is a condition for serveral hormones to be operational
  2. Zinc also is needed to enable the synthesis of lots of enzymes and proteins
  3. Zinc is good for the hair and the skin and is required for the absorption of iron in the body
  4. Cognitive abilities is also increased with a sufficient amount of daily intake of zinc
  5. It is an antioxidant

Zinc Deficiency

Symptoms of zinc deficiency may include difficulties with concentration, irregular mood patterns, high blood pressure and depression amongst other things.

Vegetarians who don’t consume animal products could have zink deficiency because that the food they eat have a tendency to disfavor the absorption of zinc – even in non-animal food with lots of zink in them.  Therefore, some recommend that vegetarians need to consume around 50 percent more zink than a non-vegetarian.


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