The modern knowledge of psychology has explanded in recent years.  Today it is widely accepted that mental health also effects the physical body in ways never understood before.  A positive mind, that is simply thinking positive thoughts – is correlated with a stronger immune system and better digesting capability among other things when compared to a pessimistic mind.

Insights in that thoughts always come before feelings and actions, have led to the creation of mindfulness as an medical exercise.  The goal of mindfulness is not to eliminate negative thoughts, but rather deal with them by accepting them.

Other psychological techniques to achieve better health is yoga, visualisation, affirmations, meditation, breathing exercises and overall mental

An interesting aspect is that roughly 95 percent of all the actions we take is due to old habits and not fully conscious. Another important aspect is that you, yourself, have the greatest power to change your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. With the correct methods, one can literally think to achieve better health.


Practice mindfulness.  Improve your mental health as this will improve your physical health.