Approximately 20% of Americans consume an excess of 700 calories of sugar per day, which is one cup of sugar.  There is obviously sugar in not only cake, candy, soda but also in some healthier food we eat as added sugar, like yoghurt, some sauce, salad dressing.

It is recommended by American Heart Association that women shall eat 6 teaspoons or less of added sugar corresponding 25 g or 100 calories daily.  High sugar consumption will cause some addict like symptoms like depression, anxiety and restlessness.  It can also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke due to inflaming the arteries, cause aging or damage the kidney and filtration system.


It is very important to decrease the sugar consumption in order to avoid the health problems.  But what happens to the body as less sugar is consumed?


The risk of the heart disease will decrease by three times, as less added sugar is consumed.  High sugar intake leads to higher insulin level, higher blood pressure, heart rate and thereby heart disease.  With high sugar intake, fatty deposits are built up around lever, which can cause insulin resistance and increase risk of diabetes type 2.

  1. Lowering the sugar intake the risk of diabetes type 2 is decreased.
  2. More regular sleeping habits will happen by lower sugar intake.
  3. One will feel better than ever as less added sugar is consumed, as the symptoms like anxiety, mode swings and irritability is unlikely to appear.
  4. Weight loss is also achieved by lower sugar intake.
  5. Better communication of the brain cells will cause a better memory as we cut the added sugar.