How you sleep – on your side, on your back, or face down – is usually thought of as a personal preference, but body position might actually affect how efficiently the brain clears waste, according to new research out of Stony Brook University.  To determine whether or not sleep positions have an effect on removal of waste materials from the brain has yet to be determined.


This study examined whether or not body posture has an impact on cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)-interstitial fluid (ISF) exchange efficiency.  Supine, prone, and lateral sleep positions were investigated.


Sleeping in the lateral position was most efficient in removal and clearance of waste.  This lateral position could prove to be the best position for the brain-waste clearance process.

Sleeping in the lateral (on your side) position is best for brain health


The lateral (on your side) sleeping position may be the optimal waste removal position for your brain.