Sadly … America, and many other parts of the world, is simply getting TOO fat.  I was having dinner with a friend last week at a popular hamburger restaurant franchise with the slogan of “World’s Greatest Hamburgers”.  All right, I was at Fuddruckers … there … I said it!  In any event, they have some healthier alternative choices besides hamburgers, such as grilled chicken sandwiches and even a grilled Tilapia fish sandwich.  But the main reason I mentioned this is the fact that there were around a half dozen extremely obese persons dining there that night.  I’m not talking about slightly overweight – I mean morbidly obese where they are candidates for gastric bypass surgery or other more drastic interventions.

When I saw these individuals, I truly sympathized for the condition – as NOBODY should ever get that fat.  In fact, there was one family of three, and the father, mother and daughter were ALL of this same condition.  I was thinking to myself that this is more than a tragic scenario we are dealing with.  And just to finish my story in case you were curious, I opted for the grilled Tilipia fish sandwich – that was simply delightful!

Back to the topic at hand.  Obesity is a MAJOR global epidemic.  Per statistics widely available, close to 30% of the global population is overweight or obese.  This equates to roughly 2.1 billion people and that number is ever-increasing (no pun intended).  To make matters worse, at the rate things are going, obesity will likely claim the top spot as the primary cause of 10 different forms of cancer within the next decade, according to cancer specialists, per Mercola’s article.

In the US, the top eight (3) obesity-related diseases account for 75% of all healthcare costs, and some of these are:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • hypertension
  • heart disease
  • non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • dementia
  • cancer
  • others

Obesity will likely claim the lead spot as the principal cause of 10 different types of cancer within the next decade, according to cancer specialists who discussed the trend at this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference in Chicago.

“They said spiraling rates of obesity meant that cancer – once seen as a disease of old age – was now increasingly being diagnosed up to two decades earlier than in the past.  Their figures suggest one in five cancer deaths in Britain is caused by excess weight,” The Telegraph reports.

The connection between obesity and cancer are quite obvious, and excess weight can increase your risk of cancer rather significantly.  Just as an example, obese women increase their risk of womb cancer by 600 percent.  Risks for breast, prostate, colon, and all the other gynecological cancers are also elevated, primarily due to the hormone imbalances associated with obesity, which tend to fuel tumor growth.

To make matters even worse for the obese, researchers have also found a correlation between obesity and increased risk for cancer relapse.  Overweight survivors of prostate cancer treatment were found to have a three percent higher rate of relapse compared to their slimmer counterparts.  They also had seven percent higher odds of the cancer spreading.

Clearly, these articles referenced indicate, without a shadow of a doubt, that something MUST be done to stop the frightening growth of this epidemic before it’s too late.  The long-term ramifications of obesity are not only killing people before their time, but also leading to many other chronic health conditions that will also overwhelm the health care system.  It’s a vicious cycle, and the fatter people get, the more challenging the related problems to obesity become.  This is a highly complex issue, and it starts with education at a very early level.  The people of our societies MUST realize what their actions will do to their health and well being.  It’s a matter of the highest priority, and without proper guidance, there is NO hope that this horrible epidemic will ever be controlled.


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